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A counting system where the digit “1” (one) represents an existing unit count and the digit “0” (zero) represents a null, empty, or nothing count of units.
Binary Digits
In computing...A Computer system uses the “Binary” counting scheme in much of it's processing. Most electrical devices, as does the Computer, has only two (2) states of being- ‘On’ and ‘Off’. As such, the computer is either receiving an electrical current (i.e. ‘On’) which is represented by the digit “1” (one) or the computer is NOT receiving an electrical current (i.e. ‘Off’) which is represented by the digit “0” (zero).    Be cognizant of the Binary Digit concept is used WITHIN the computer processing when referencing devices and software as well.    Thus, the Computer may be ON (Binary Digit 1) but, it's USB Scanner may be OFF (Binary Digit 0).    For the END USER, knowing the Binary Digit of a device or Computer are usually not needed.    For a Programmer, Network Engineer or Developer, having a means of testing or using the Binary Digit(s) may be critical to program code, Logic and machine communications.
A Binary digit represented by “1” (one) or “0” (zero).
In Information Technology, multiple Bits (see “Bit” on this page) grouped together is known as a Byte.    Typcially, but not exclusively, computers use groups of 8-Bits as Bytes.    Each ‘Byte’ will create one character (e.g. the letter “b“, the number “5“, etc.) The table below lists the typical components and measurements of Bits and Bytes:
8 Bits = 1 Byte
1,024 Bytes = 1 Kilobyte (KB)
1,024 KB = 1 Megabyte (MB)
1,024 MB = 1 Gigabyte (GB)
1,024 GB = 1 Terabyte (TB)
1,024 TB = 1 Exabyte (EB)
Business-To-Business (AKA: B2B, Biz2Biz, Bus2Bus, etc)
Business(es) which transact primarily to other businesses as it's mission.    Many B2B companies allow conditional transactions with the general public (e.g. Office Depot, etc.), but most are exclusive to other business entities (e.g. Microsoft products via 3rd party companies sold to the public).

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