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SaaS (Software as a Service)
Multiple Tenant/Vendor applications that securely supportive/service multiple customers on one deployment.  As of 2006, the cutting-edge of a new generation of service.  Sometimes confused with ASPs (Application Service Providers). 
Scripting Language  or a 'Script'
A set of computer commands made for execution via a specific syntax.  Software that is composed of these computer commands constitute a SCRIPT.
Work similar to SpamBots but, their purpose is usually intended for benevolent purposes.  SpamBots read links in Web Pages.  They follow the link-to-link pages while saving a rating on any Web Pages that they find .  This process enables Search Engines like Google Search or Yahoo Search (and many others) to deliver an Internet Page, in a fast manner, that fulfills a person's search request. SearchBots (as do SpamBots) are processes that occur on the Internet most often without the End User's knowledge.
Session Hijacking
Session Hijacking is any Security attack, carried out by an Intruder, which attempts to insert commands into an active Login Session. On wide-area TCP/IP networks, this is frequently attempted using IP Spoofing. On local TCP/IP networks, this might be attempted with the help of a Packet Sniffer.
SpamBots are specialized computer programs that gather email addresses for a Spammer to use.  They read links in Web Pages.  They follow the link-to-link pages while saving any email addresses it finds .  A Spambot usually gathers emails from the web or from Usenet, but may also gather it from other sources.  SpamBots work very similar to SearchBots, but SpamBots are considered to be a malevolent type of Internet program by End Users.
One who, sends unsolicited or undesirable e-mail on the Internet.

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