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E-Business (eBusiness, Ebusiness, eBiz, Electronic-Business,etc)
A business which utilizes the Internet Technology as a major asset in it's customary operations.  That includes any and all (but not limited to) marketing, training, accounting/bookkeeping, electronic transactions (eCommerce), supply, communications and other necessary aspects of a business venture.  eCommerce is an eBusiness.  An eBusiness does not have to be an eCommerce.  (e.g. many online charities are eBusinesses, 3rd party Websites, that offer gifts if you donate to a charity are eCommerce).
E-Commerce (eCommerce, eComm, Electronic-Commerce)
Simply put- an eBusiness that involves the exchange of payment (or other compensation) for services or goods.  The selling and buying of something or some service via an eBusiness.
One who organizes, operates and assumes the risks in a business venture and expects to turn a profit.

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