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Education & Training

The pursuit of learning and training for eBusiness or Academia comes in many forms.  There are many advantages to online or distance learning.  Author Rick Boklage says, "We've all heard about online training but you might be asking yourself 'is it for me?".  Click here to read his article on the subject.


Auto Repair - Restore

 The large,  auto-industry,  giants occupy much of the Internet business for the mobile genre.  There are still excellent areas or niches for the small or new business to make successful in-roads.

As always, getting knowledge of suppliers, 'help information', and ideas is paramount to such a venture.  One such supplier/help for Auto Body Restoration can be found by clicking here.  They even offer training materials for Restoring Automobiles/Boats, etc.

Author Lance Winslow, writes about Mobile Oil Change Companies and inventory control but the issue applies to any industry with parts and the inventory control problem.  Click here to read his article.

U like to read?  Check Out Our Bookstores Below!

 Click here for Pulp Fiction or Click here for Mysterious Banned Books

JJplace Brief News

Choose eye-opening articles of interest to you.  Click here for a list of JBNs.


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