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'Brick and Mortar' or Internet Electronic Businesses both need Telephony Services and equipment.  No matter how popular Computer Technology gets, more people use the Telephone and related equipment than computers.  In the U.S.A., a prospect may purchase a computer for about $500.  That same prospect may buy a Telephone for about $15!  Where is your greatest prospect base?

Packet8 VideoPhone for only $149.00 and monthly subscription of $19.95

The fact that more people have Telephones than computers is merely a simple sales prospecting concept.  The real importance is minimizing the cost of running a business and maximizing the profits of that business.  Technology today allows for Voice over Internet Protocol also, known as VoIP.  

This technology, which has been around for years (You don't think traditional phone companies would tell you about it do you?), has voice & data transmissions and phone features equal to traditional phone companies but- up to 80% CHEAPER!  Minimize the cost, maximize the profits.  

Call anywhere in the US and Canada for only $19.99 a month



The are many levels of activity for an Electronic Business to be part of.  Such a business could be merely a traditional 'brick & mortar' company that has remote workers using the Internet as a communication medium.  Or, a loose group of associates who share business tasks using the Internet and Telecommunications.

For many of us, Electronic Business starts and revolves around an Internet Web.  For the eBusiness novice or 'newbie', who may be starting on a 'shoe string' budget,  Jim Edwards offers an interesting article about the anxieties of getting and using your own web site and solutions to get up and running.  Click Here to read it.

eBusiness & eCommerce Basics

Creating or operating an eBusiness nearly guarantees you will be using Email in some way.  Even using the Internet for pleasure, you will likely use email services.  Protecting your Email use from abusive Internet forces is important.

One type of prolific nuisance to Email is a Spambot.  Spammers use Spambot information to gather email addresses.  They then, either sell these addresses as 'prospect lists' to other eBusinesses or use them to send Spam to the address recipients.  

This article gives more insight into the problems caused by Spambots and offers some solutions.  Click here to read it!

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eBusiness Services

Purchasing, finances and credit cards are essentials to eBusiness.  What instruments, services and companies a Netrepreneur uses can be important to a smooth business operation.

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Click here to see our recommendation for Small Business Credit Cards as opposed to using one's personal cards.

eBusiness Small Office Home Office Operations

Often it is said that volume buying always saves money.  This is comparable to saying, "the best day in the world is always ...".  It really depends on each business or person's situation.  Case in point: Why buy a 500 pounds of super bright white paper if it will yellow before you ever use it?  

Just because it's cheaper per-pound in bulk means nothing if you cannot make use of it!  And keep in mind the expense of storing such useless bulk while one 'pinches' a few sheets each month for use.  Ludicrous!

For some, buying small quantities is more beneficial than large quantities.    On the other hand, if one can use bulk quantities, it makes good sense to buy it so!

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