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Computer Sales

Desktop or Notebook...Server or Share Network...BIY or OTB...How best to obtain the computer(s) that you need?

  • Which should you buy- a generic or Well-Known brand?
  • Should you buy or lease your computer(s)?
  • Whom should you buy from?
  • Is buying used or refurbished computers a good idea?
  • What Computer Technology skills are available to me now?  What and where may I obtain support, if more skills, than I have available to me,  are needed ?
  • Which Operating System (OS) and what other Software (SW) is a good idea?  Why?

We will address these concerns.. While considering these obvious questions, examine some solution providers listed on this page.  

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Computers & eBusiness

Today it is nearly impossible to start or profit from a business if computers are not used in some way in that business.  If you are an experienced business owner or executive, this is a fact that is obvious to you and needs no further explanation.

If your business is of the SERVICE INDUSTRY, some computer needs are:

  1. Bookkeeping and accounting information for your customers, clients, accountant (or yourself), and banking.
  2. Maintaining the most efficient use of your time.

If your business is of the PRODUCT INDUSTRY, some computer needs are:

  1. Inventory, Assets, COG (Cost Of Goods) control and their effect on your Chart Of Accounts in the most timely way.

If your business involves both of these industries or either one, you still will need computers for :

  1. Building or growing your business by both the pre-planning and actual prospecting and selling.  The computer enables one to modify, design, and expand planning in less time than any other means.
  2. Analyzing your Chart Of Accounts, Profit & Loss, and other evaluations with the assistance of other people (who may not be part of your company but are available electronically) and helpful computer programs.

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Hardware- Build It Yourself / Do It Yourself

In today's business climate, Organizations have invested millions of dollars in I.T.   If the I.T. is too old, unreliable or just does not work, then, benefits of this investment are not going to be realized.

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The initial money used to Build-It-Yourself ( BIY ) or Do-It-Yourself ( DIY ) within the Computer Technology and Network Technology of I.T., is only a modest savings.  That is because I.T. manufacturing costs, due to volume buying and Outsourcing expenses, actually may be a more desired price to what a Small Business can buy BIY & DIY materials.

Fear not- the 'back end' advantage to BIY/DIY is: 

  1. You are better equipped for what your business truly needs.    Thus, little if any wasted money.
  2. You are adding to your own Specialized Knowledge as you buy and build.  Thus, if you should need to hire I.T. people, get I.T. training in the future, or Outsource to a Contractor/Sub-Contractor your I.T. needs, you have a functional knowledge of what you are doing.  Fewer Rip-Offs!
  3. Usually, the equipment you build will be better than that which you buy Out-The-Box ( OTB ).  That is because you are not trying to keep a lower resale price by circumventing some quality somewhere.  When you build it for yourself, you are motivated to get the best possible quality within your financial means. 
  4. For all of the aforementioned reasons, you will save money in the near future.

The most obvious downside is the time used to shop component vendors and assemble the component into the finished product.  

Clear Computer Cases

A simple case in this point

A  vendor listed a 250GB USB Hard Drive OTB unit at $130 each.  This is a sealed combination of a Hard drive and USB External Enclosure, ready use right Out-The-Box.

Our same vendor listed a 250GB Hard Drive unit at  $80 each (just the drive), and an External Hard Drive USB Enclosure at $17! These are BIY/DIY components!  One buys these 2 components, combine them and they have the same functional equipment as the  OTB drive but for only $97.  Additionally, the Hard Drive component is a better drive than the OTB hard drive because it is 7200RPMs (Rotations Per Minute) and the OTB is only 5400RPMs!

This was not a fictional example, this was the actual price of a well known vendor, and current during January of 2007.   In this example, the BIY/DIY price was cheaper than the OTB.  This is not always the case as mentioned previously.   

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The above example is only one of many reasons JJplace proudly encourages visitors interested in I.T. products of both BIY and OTB to browse supplemental components, supplies and services of our affiliates like...

 Computers4SURE ( - An Office Depot Co.)
Computers4SURE has Blank Media (DVDs, CD-R, etc.),  Refurbished Computers, New HP LaserJet Printers, Hard Drives, Consumer and Office Electronics (Wireless headsets, etc), LAN & WAN (Wireless, Ethernet, Hub/Routers, Cables, etc,) and so much more.


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Hardware- Out The Box

The most defensible argument for buying  I.T. equipment ready-to-use right Out-The-Box (OTB) is time saved.  While there are many advantages to BIY/DIY, this type of buying takes time.

Buying OTB is best done through using either well known Manufacturers or a trustworthy vendor recommending a brand.  When it comes to OTB, you must be cognizant of the folk saying, "You get what you pay for"!

If you need to get replacement 'Setup Disks' where do you go?  How do you obtain needed driver downloads?  These questions are seldom answered when you buy that unbelievably inexpensive computer from that 2-hour 'info-mercial' on the Television!

You as a Business Owner or Entrepreneur will need the confidence in your computer that it's Hardware and Software will remain compatible for a length of time reasonable by the industry.  That is you can easily obtain updated, drivers and patches when needed. 

 For computers, this time is approximately three to six years and is often referred to Philosophically and often referring to the Software as the Life Cycle and mechanically may involve what is called the Mean Time Between Failure (MBT).

The Life Cycle is how long the software is expected to be of good use and usually covers how long patches, drivers, application upgrades are freely available to the owners.  The MBT rate is usually an engineer's calculated average time that a physical component will operate before it starts to fail.

For an business man buying OTB, wanting quick and simple solutions, then JJplace reiterates it's suggestion, buy well-known brands or buy from vendors and merchant that you trust and you can contact them later if you need to.

JJplace suggests you visit some these Manufacturers

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 Software- Operating Systems


Software- Security

Most immediate threat to eBusinesses are Adware, Spam, Spyware, and Virus.  We use these terms generically (e.g. Trojan Horses, and  Worms are both Viruses.) 


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