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Bullseye Pick Set Of Three   Bullseye Pick Set Of Three

 The accuracy, speed and ease of operation of a Bullseye Pick produces quality work faster than conventional methods. Designed for angle picking around braces, gussets or other hard-to-reach places. You know exactly where the pick will strike so your work is precise. The site does not have to be flat on the surface to work, just tilt it to any angle needed to clear an underside brace and you will still get excellent results. Designed to return to open position when released. All metal parts. Use the optional blunt tip for bumping metal.

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Pinstriping Brushes Set Of Six Pinstriping Brushes Set Of Six

The most important tool to any pinstriper is a good striping brush. Hand made of choice 100% camel hair. Ferrules are treated with special adhesive to keep bristles from pulling out. Round handle lets you easily roll the brush on tight corners. The 2" bristles load well for long lines. Brushes come in plastic storage tubes. Stripes in six sizes from 1/8" to 1/2" wide.

Colortune Engine Analyzer Colortune Engine Analyzer

Now you can adjust the idle mixture and determine the overall condition of your carb during actual use. Simply screw the Colortune Engine Analyzer into one of the spark plug holes and you can see the color of the flame produced during combustion. Includes detailed, full-color instructions, special viewer, cleaning fluid and brush and extension. Fits cars with 14mm thread spark plugs.

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